The Maldives is too often seen as a honeymooners’ delight, where enjoying a "loved one’s company" is supposed to be the only thing on the activity menu. There is plenty of evidence to dispel that idea, as any type of traveler can find a host of interesting things to do throughout the islands of the Maldives. Adventure seekers can spend their holiday scuba diving the many sites and atolls across the country, including Kudarah Thila and Ari Atoll.

Or what better way to see the Maldives’ stunning array of islands than by boat, cruising to some of the world’s most secluded beaches? You may even get lucky and stumble across a yet to be discovered hideaway. This is Mother Nature at her finest.

Tourists who are wary of diving can also opt for snorkeling. This is certainly the easier activity to discover the Maldives’ underwater marvels. Snorkeling tours can be found at Seven Holidays and almost every atoll around the country boasts ideal snorkeling sites.

Exploring the underwater world around the Maldives’ many fabulous dive sites is the main activity for tourists. Scuba diving is relatively expensive when compared to other spots around Asia. However, the clear water and marine life more than make up for the cost. The Maldives Dive Travel is a reputable tour company that provides equipment, lessons and boats.

Boating is one of the best ways to see the island-nation of the Maldives. With about 99 percent of the country being water, The Maldives offers endless spots to visit via the sea. Many tourists choose to spend their entire holiday on a small cruise vessel where you can construct your own itinerary at your own pace. Sailing the Maldives can take all the stress out of arranging a holiday experience.

Fishing is a part of everyday life in the Maldives. Enjoy this local custom along the beach or charter a boat to discover the fishing stocks in the Maldives’ deeper reefs, lagoons and waters. Sun Princess is the perfect tour option for anglers.

The Maldives is a tremendously picturesque destination. Those interested in photography have an awesome array of places to capture the most breathtaking snapshots. Secluded beaches, bustling streets, underwater gardens, invaluable sunrises and burgundy sunsets await being snapped. Look for photography tours organized by Underwater Photo Workshops or Maldivian Holidays.

Surfing has just started to gain popularity in the Maldives. Nevertheless, it is already a busy feature of the tourism industry, accommodating a steady stream of break-seekers throughout the year. Male Atoll is home to some of the best waves in the country, but if you’re a newbie, it’s best to take a lesson with a reputable tour company like Surf Atoll or World Surfaris before venturing out on your own.

Travelers probably won’t actually see a whale in the famous Whale Submarine, but this underwater excursion from Maldives’ capital city is a great way to uncover the depths without getting wet. The Whale Submarine is relatively inexpensive and can be booked through Travel and Go, which offers a great way to see the beauty of Male’s marine wildlife.