Indonesian is the predominant language spoken in the country. However, there are other local languages that are often spoken at home, such as Javanese, Madurese, and Sundanese. English is not widely spoken, but is becoming more common among the younger populations of Indonesia.


The rupiah (IDR) is the main currency used throughout Indonesia. For larger purchases, American dollars are often accepted too, but for food, clothing, and most tourist-related items, Indonesian rupiah are only accepted. ATMs and banks are found in the larger airports, cities and tourist spots in Indonesia. However, they are much harder to find outside these areas. Credit cards can be used to purchase items, although American Express is not as widely accepted as MasterCard or Visa.


Due to Indonesia’s vastness, there are three time zones operating within the country. Western Indonesia follows GMT +7; Central Indonesia is GMT +8; Eastern Indonesia GMT +9.


Indonesia uses 220-230 Volts at 50 Hertz. Just a few years ago, the voltage in Indonesia was as low as 110V, so note the change before arriving. In general, the most common form of plugs used in the country is the double-rounded pins plug. However, in some places, plugs with two flat parallel pins and a flat ground pin are also available.


The Indonesian direct dialing code I +62, which is followed by the area code of the city and local number after that. GSM Mobile phones are widely used in Indonesia, but visitors will have to arrange for Indonesian roaming prior to arrival. Internet connections are available in shopping malls, fast-food restaurants and cafés in larger cities like Jakarta. Hourly rates are reasonably cheap, but connections are not exactly ‘up-to-date’. Outside the larger cities, internet access can be difficult to find, and at times, impossible.

Duty Free

Arriving passengers into Indonesia can bring in a liter of alcohol, tobacco products of no more than 200 cigarettes/50 cigars/100gm of tobacco, and a large amount of perfume (not specified).

Tourism Office

Ministry Of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic Of Indonesia, Jakarta: or +62-21-383-8167.

Consulates in Indonesia

Australian Embassy, Jakarta: +62-21-2550-5555 Canadian Embassy, Jakarta: +62-21-2550-7800 British Embassy, Jakarta: +62-21-2356-5200 US Embassy, Jakarta: +62-21-3435-9000


Police: 110 Emergency services: 113 (Fire); 118 (Ambulance); 115 (Search and Rescue)