Shopping in Indonesia is extensive to say the least. Places like Jakarta are home to a wide variety of malls, offering tourists a ‘Western’ style shopping experience in the heart of the East. Jakarta boasts plenty of high-end fashion and accessories, but it would not do a holiday justice if the local produce was overlooked. Several famous regions and cities of Indonesia boast plenty of culturally-unique merchandise to purchase and take home.

As mentioned, Jakarta is a shoppers’ haven, boasting some of Asia’s most amazing complexes. However, there is more to Indonesia’s shopping capital than just world-class fashion boutiques. The southern neighborhoods of downtown Jakarta contain plenty of fascinating traditional handicrafts mixed with modern influences at Pasar Seni, which sits along Taman Ria Ancol. Hundreds of stalls await tourists and locals, offering arts, crafts, food and clothing at a bargain price. Antiques are popular in the Jalan Ciputat Raya area of the city. The markets of Mayestik and Cikini are also worth visiting.

Shopping in Bali is hard to avoid whether you intend to drop some dough or not. The strips along the main areas are awash with magnificent local shops and souvenir stores. Everything from intricately carved face masks to stone carvings and pirated DVDs are available for purchase along the coastal regions. Head to the culturally important town of Ubud, where a plethora of ancient souvenirs, traditional items and historical artwork is on display.

Yogyakarta, one of the largest cities in Indonesia, has a shopping culture that rivals any city or island in the archipelago. Shopaholics will be in their element on Malioboro Street, which is home to an enticing array of markets. Pasar Beringharjo is one of the best places to find whatever you’re looking for. It is a two-story center offering excellent bargains on traditional Indonesian artifacts, handicrafts and clothing. Malioboro Mall is another important shopping center on this famous street. Again, everything one could ask for is seemingly found here at very decent prices, which could get even lower if your bargaining skills are good.

It is important to note that most retail stores and shopping centers remain open for Sunday trading. Unlike many places in the US, Indonesia’s stores are actually their busiest on Sundays.


Made famous by Eat, Pray, Love for its amazing relaxation, almost every city and town in Indonesia provide some sort of spa services. In places like Bali, massage facilities range from health and wellness facilities in five-star resorts to cheap beachside massages by the hour.