Because most tourists enter Bali through Denpasar, it is common for them to spend the first few days of their holiday in the southern reaches of the island. Explore the excitement of Kuta, surf the waves of Legian or simply relax on the beach in Seminyak for the first day or two. Shopping and dining in these beach resort towns is also recommended. Be warned, Southern Bali is densely populated and traffic jams around the Kuta-Legian-Seminyak area and general vicinity of Denpasar can ruin your impression of this holiday paradise.

Ubud has to be next on the list of places to stay. This stunning cultural town in central Bali is only a relatively short distance from Denpasar, but visitors are advised to stay in the town for a few days. Markets, stone carvings, breathtaking temples, cultural museums, traditional art studios and craft villages on the outskirts of town will keep tourists entertained for days.

Of course, beach and water lovers will want to spend a few extra days in the southern region of Bali due to its richness in scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing spots. However, there are also quieter areas along the northern coast of the island which are also worth visiting for these activities. One such place would be Menjangan Island.

Spending two or three days is recommended in the northwestern peninsula, from where Menjangan Island can be easily accessed along with West Bali National Park. A daytrip to the famous volcanic mountain of Batur is advised, where visitors can stay in the surrounding villages for a night quite cheaply.

The temples of Bali are amazingly surreal. Visitors need to wear modest clothing out of respect, which means a sarong and a sash needs to be worn. These items are available outside most major temples, usually for rent. Many of these ancient sites are home to large populations of monkeys. This is especially notable in places like Ubud and Uluwatu. The monkeys look cute, but they are prone to stealing items like food and valuables. Sometimes they can get nasty, so it is suggested that tourists don’t feed the monkeys at temples.

While traveling in Bali, try to use banks and international monetary exchange booths to change money. There are many small money exchange stalls located in the resort towns. Tourists will lose money when using these services, even if the quoted rates seem decent. Hawkers are another issue tourists have to deal with in places like Kuta.