Any foreign traveler entering America must have all their travel visas worked out before arrival in the country. Nearly everyone is required to have some form of visa, so speak with your local US embassy or go online to the US government’s visa website to find out what is required.

Health and Safety

The only health issues in Oregon involve using the wilderness areas. In winter the Cascade Mountains get loads of snow, making driving and outdoor excursions potentially dangerous. Parts of eastern Oregon are very remote, with few services or towns for miles. If driving long distances be sure your vehicle is running well and you fill up on gas whenever possible.

Oregonians are well-known for their friendliness and kindness. This makes Oregon one of the safest states in America for travelers. Only Portland presents any genuine danger, and even then it’s confined to a few areas like northeast Portland’s King neighborhood. As in all major American cities, use common sense when going out at night. Stick to well-lit and busy parts of the city, and use taxis if it gets really late. Very few visitors experience any kind of trouble in Oregon.