Oregon has a long tradition of tapping into the bounty of natural resources in its seas and valleys and cooking wholesome creative cuisine. Salmon runs heavy in the rivers, while oysters and Dungeness crabs are marine specialties. The valleys grow loads of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, including grapes and hops that fuel the state’s booming winery and craft brewing scene. There’s plenty of fun after dark, no matter where you go. Oregon likes to sip its native wine and ales and kick back in chilled bars. In Portland you can tap into the incredible live music scene as well.

Bars and Pubbing in Oregon

Thanks to the long tradition of wine growing and craft brewing, you can expect to find brewpubs and wine bars in nearly every town in Oregon. Most towns prefer a mellow bar environment, though Portland is well-known for its thriving music scene. To have a big night out you probably need to hit Portland, where swanky bars like Departure (525 SW Morrison St, Portland) balance out the popular pubs of neighborhoods like the Pearl District. There are plenty of brewpubs to choose from, though Rogue Public House (1339 NW Flanders St, Portland) is in a league of its own. Catch hot local (and touring) bands at the Aladdin Theater (3017 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland).

Other impressive Oregon towns for a fun night out include Bend, Eugene, and Corvallis. Bend is best known for its craft brewpubs like Bend Brewing Company (1019 NW Brooks St, Bend) and Silver Moon Brewing (24 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend), though this cool youthful mountain town also has singles bars like the Astro Lounge (147 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend). The university towns of Eugene and Corvallis are always bustling with energy. Check out the Oregon Electric Station (27 E. Fifth Ave, Eugene) with its chic historic atmosphere. If you are a true fan of craft ales, make the pilgrimage to Rogue Ales Public House (748 SW Bay Blvd, Newport), the home base of the superlative beer brewing genius of John Maier.

Dining and Cuisine in Oregon

Oregon is so blessed with local fish, seafood, fruit, and produce that you’ll have a hard time finding a disappointing meal at a local restaurant. This state attracts creative chefs in droves, whether it’s Portland’s trendy neighborhoods or Newport’s home-style seafood shacks. On the coast be sure and feast on crab cakes, oysters, and anything else that came from the sea, while inland you can’t go wrong with fresh Pacific Northwest salmon grilled on a plank of wood with some kind of ingenious sauce on top.

Along the coast, head to Newport at the legendary Mo’s (657 SW Bay Blvd, Newport) for her clam chowder or Beck (2345 US 101, Depoe Bay) where the gourmet menu is only rivaled by the ocean views over Whale Cove. Naturally, Portland has the most diverse dining scene, with some real national standouts like Higgins (1239 SW Broadway, Portland) and fenouil (900 NW 11th Ave, Portland). Portland’s café culture is fantastic, with affordable creative meals throughout the Pearl and Nob Hill neighborhoods. The city’s cool rainy weather makes coffee houses like Stumptown Coffee Roasters (128 SW Third Ave, Portland) insanely popular places to hang out. When the skies are dry, venture into Portland’s fascinating food cart sector, where cheap quick eats are taken to new levels of creativity and tastiness, based in empty parking lots around the southwest part of the city.