Every traveler to the United States needs to have a travel visa before arriving in the country. You can check with you local US embassy for exact details regarding visa requirements or online at the Bureau of Consular Affairs for more information.

Health and Safety

The good news is that crime of any kind is virtually unheard of in Montana. This is one of America’s safest and friendliest states, so even in the big cities you won’t have to worry about violence or theft. Of course, Montana is not Utopia so don’t leave cash or valuables sitting on the seat of your car or in tempting view.

The main safety issues come from the driving and the weather. Montana has one of America’s highest rates of road fatalities and accidents due to the vast distances between destinations. When driving in this state, keep your guard up for oncoming traffic drifting into your lane. Winter creates another big problem on Montana’s roads. Massive storms roll through frequently turning the pavement into an ice rink. Dangers like black ice are a real problem, so if you have to drive in winter, allow extra time and proceed cautiously.

Montana’s wilderness areas also present their own dangers. This is grizzly bear country, and while attacks on humans are rare, they happen at least once every summer. Whenever you venture into Montana’s backcountry, make sure you are well informed and equipped to deal with the state’s natural hazards. Always be prepared for sudden bad weather because the mountains are a mercurial environment.