As part of New England, Massachusetts enjoys the same mercurial climate as the rest of the region. The old adage if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes is largely true, so the best advice is to dress in layers that can be easily removed or put back on as necessary. The climate on the coast is more temperate than in the far west of the state, which tends to be colder.

Summers are rather uncomfortable in most of Massachusetts, as high levels of humidity and temperatures in the 80’s (°F) conspire to create sweaty, sticky conditions in July and August. The coast offers some relief and by September the air has dried up and cooled off. Fall is the prettiest season, and arguably the best time for a visit. Spring, on the other hand, is painfully brief and known as mid season for good reason. Melting snow and ice turn much of the state into a muddy swamp through most of April though the daytime temperatures are typically a balmy 65°F.

In winter, you can expect to see plenty of snow if you stay inland. The farther west you go, the colder it gets, especially in the Berkshires. Temperatures average in the upper 30’s (°F) and low 40’s (°F) from December until the end of February, whereas the coast will be a good 5°F warmer. Bring down jackets and a good pair of boots for a winter visit to Massachusetts.

Best Time to Visit Massachusetts

Massachusetts, and especially Boston, stay busy with travelers almost year round. From April until the end of November, visitors fill the hotels and attractions of Boston, Cape Cod, and the Berkshires so there is little chance of a discounted rate until December hits. The state’s low season runs from December through March, and if you like snow and winter fun, you can find super deals on lodgings all over.

In terms of weather, there’s no better time to visit than the fall. From September until November, the weather in Massachusetts is sublime. Perfectly warm days in the 70’s (°F) and crisp cool nights are ideal for watching the hardwood forests burst into color. The changing of the leaves usually peaks around late October and draws huge crowds to the state. Summer is very nice in the Berkshires and along the coast although popular spots can get very crowded with tourists.