All visitors to the United States are required to have their travel visa already arranged before they arrive. The rules are different for nationals of every country, so it is advised to check with your local US embassy to find out what is involved. You can also go online and look at the US government’s website on visas for more information.

Health and Safety

Most of the health concerns in Massachusetts come from the natural world. The coastal areas usually feel pleasantly cool but sun protection should be used against the sun’s UV. Inland, the woodlands of the state are lovely to explore. But they also contain deer ticks that may have Lyme disease. Be sure and check your hair and clothing for ticks immediately after exiting the woods. From December through April, the winter weather can turn Massachusetts roads into icy death traps. Drive with care and keep an eye out for deer and moose in rural areas.

Besides Boston, there is little crime to worry about in Massachusetts. Diligence is advised when walking around the inner city late at night. Try and use taxis for travel after dark, especially in the Theater District and around North Station. Bostonians have a ferocious rivalry with New York sports teams so don’t be surprised if the taunts and jeers start if you are wearing a Knicks or Yankees hat. They also aren’t a big fan of the New York Jets and a few other New England teams, so it’s safer just to stick to Celtics, Red Sox or Patriots gear when you’re in Boston territory.