Maryland enjoys a wide range of weather from the coast to the mountains. Climate near the shore is mild year-round, but the peaks and high altitude can get a lot of snow during the winter.

The eastern part of Maryland on the Atlantic coast enjoys a humid subtropical climate. Weather can be humid and hot during the summer and cool in winter. Temperatures range from lows of 28°F in the winter to highs of 84°F in the summer. Piedmont has a similar climate and snowy winters. West Maryland sees milder summers and snowier winters, particularly at elevation. Rainfall is spread fairly evenly across the calendar and gets on average six tornadoes a year.

Best Time to Visit Maryland

Summer is Maryland’s busiest and hottest season and is the most popular time to visit, especially the beach resorts. There are many festivals and fairs during the summer months that attract many visitors. However, summer is also the most expensive time to visit the coast and hotels and bed & breakfast rates can double or book up months in advance. Budget conscious travelers may want to seek an off-season vacation; but many places are closed in the winter.

Winter or fall can be a fun time to visit other areas. The fall is a beautiful season in the mountains when foliage changes color and temperatures are cooler, ideal for hiking and biking. Winter attracts the sports crowd and hotel accommodations also need to be booked well in advance. It is best to avoid weekends, as many visitors from the DC area come for short ski trips.