Unless flying from Toronto, Canada, you will already be in the United States when you enter Kansas for the first time. Every traveler to the US is required to have some form of visa, and it needs to be prepared in advance in nearly every instance. Call your local US embassy to find out the details relating to your home country and travel visas or browse the government website for more information.

Health and Safety

Traveling around Kansas doesn’t present any known dangers, either health or safety wise. This is one of the safest parts of America though petty theft in the large cities like Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita present a mild threat. Violent crimes against tourists are virtually unheard of.

Winters in Kansas can get very cold and powerful snow storms can pass over the state with little warning. If traveling during these months, be sure to stay updated on the local weather, especially if driving. The roads in Kansas can be extremely dangerous when covered in ice and snow. It’s also a good idea to have your hepatitis A and B boosters before traveling anywhere in America. This contagious disease occasionally appears in restaurants due to slack hygiene by staff in the kitchen.