Indiana has a classic humid continental climate, which means hot muggy summers and cold snowy winters. The state is not particularly known for its impressive weather, though it does have a couple of brief windows when all the factors converge to create very pleasant conditions. Due to the state’s elongated shape, the northern portion of Indiana has slightly different weather than the southern half of the state. The south gets more precipitation that the north, but enjoys slightly warmer and milder winter temperatures.

Summers in Indiana are generally unpleasant. The daytime highs average 90°F and above in July and August with plenty of rain falling to boost humidity levels into the 90 percent range making for a nasty combination. Winters aren’t much better, with daytime highs of 30°F in the north and 40°F in the south between December and February. Winter snowfall varies widely across the state, with heavy amounts around Lake Michigan in the north and only a few inches per winter in the far south.

Spring and summer are the rainiest time, though precipitation falls fairly evenly in every month. Spring is also when the most erratic weather occurs. Powerful storms occasionally create tornadoes during this season, especially in April, and Indiana is regarded as one of the country’s top hot spots for twisters.

Best Time to Visit Indiana

Most residents would agree that its nicest season is fall. Temperatures hover in the mid 60’s (°F) throughout October and early November and the skies are often bright blue. This is harvest time in Indiana, which means lots of fun festivals and plenty of color from the changing hardwood trees. Unfortunately, this is not a secret so it can be hard to find great deals on hotels at the peak of fall.

Spring and winter, on the other hand, are the best months to get good rates on hotels throughout the state. Unless there’s a big convention in Indianapolis, there is very little tourism happening from December until May. Of course, the weather during this time is somewhat unpleasant, but if you wait until the very edge of the low season, such as late November or May and early June, you will often be rewarded with nice weather, few crowds and reasonable prices on hotel rooms.