With virtually no direct international flights to Indiana, it is more likely that foreign travelers will already be in the United States when they enter Indiana. The closest international gateway is Chicago O’hare, an hour or so drive to the state line. Visitors from virtually every nation need to have some form of prearranged travel visa before arriving in the US. Check with your local US embassy for the latest visa requirements or go online at the US government’s website for information: http://travel.state.gov/visa/

Health and Safety

There are virtually no health issues to worry about while traveling around Indiana. It gets very cold in the northern part of the state around Lake Michigan, so dress warmly for winter trips. It’s also advised that every traveler get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, as this disease does appear in restaurants that don’t keep their kitchens and staff up to hygienic standards.

Indiana is one of the country’s safest states, with a very low crime rate even in its large cities. When traveling around the countryside and visiting small towns there is almost zero crime, but visitors should use caution when walking around late at night in Indianapolis and other major cities like Bloomington, Gary, and Fort Wayne. Violent crimes are rare, but petty theft from cars is fairly common in most American cities.