No special visas or vaccinations are required for Ontario visitors from the United States, Australia, or Europe. Visitors who are unsure of their country’s specific visa requirements for entering Ontario or the rest of Canada should check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website ( prior to their departure.

Health and Safety

Violent crime is uncommon in Toronto, whose overall crime rate remains far lower than that if most American cities of its size. However, Toronto visitors should still keep careful watch of their vehicles, bicycles, and any other important possessions. Although Toronto visitors often encounter homeless people asking for money, a simple refusal is usually enough to protect visitors from harassment. Toronto’s most dangerous neighborhoods are generally located far from the city’s major tourism attractions. Ottawa is also a safe city. As with most major world cities, there are drug and gang related issues in some neighborhoods near the downtown area. However, all other major Ottawa areas are considered safe to visit.

The weather in Ontario locations can become dangerous in winter without warning. Storms and blizzards can make driving near impossible at times, and it’s best to store an emergency kit and warm clothes if travelling remotely by car in the winter months.