• Fishing licenses are required for all fishers between the ages of 17 and 64, but these can be mailed in advance or purchased at a number of places throughout the Northwest Territories
  • Visitors should allow plenty of extra time during their stay in these vast and unpredictable lands to account for hazardous weather conditions
  • Tow ropes, sleeping bags, warm gloves, extra clothing, light sources, high-calorie snacks, shovels, blankets, and kitty litter or sand are all essential winter safety supplies when driving here
  • Motorists must travel on the icy Northwest Territories’ winter roads at their own risk, as these temporary passageways offer no emergency services and are always in danger of breaking through
  • Even summer motorists must take precautions when driving on Northwest Territories roads, many of which are made from hard packed gravel. First aid kits, insect repellent, spare tires, a jack, and extra water are musts during long-distance summer drives
  • Visitors must always be on the lookout for moose, bears, caribou, and other large wildlife

Contact Numbers

Police: Local three digit area code, followed by 1111 Emergency: Local three digit area code, followed by 1111 United States Consulate, Calgary: +1-403-266-8962 Stanton Territorial Hospital: +1-867-669-4111 City Cabs: +1-867-873-4444