The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website ( contains all the details on countries whose citizens do or do not need visas to visit Manitoba or anywhere else in Canada. Most Australians, Europeans, and Americans fall into the latter category. Most of Manitoba’s border crossings with the United States are in rural regions, so visitors generally do not have to worry about traffic delays.

Health and Safety

West Nile virus has become one of rural Manitoba’s biggest health threats, but visitors can reduce their risk by applying mosquito repellent, wearing clothing which is loose fitting and lightly colored, and staying indoors during dawn and dusk hours. Rural Manitoba visitors should also watch for wild bison, bears, and other wildlife. Hypothermia is an extra threat during Manitoba’s cold winters.

Winnipeg may have one of Canada’s highest crime rates, but Manitoba’s capital still contains fewer panhandlers than Vancouver and Victoria. Tourists are rarely the victims of Winnipeg crimes, most of which are related to alcohol or gangs. Visitors should be extra cautious around Central Park’s surrounding area and the Winnipeg section north of City Hall after dark.