Those planning a visit to the Sultanate of Oman will need to check the Royal Oman Police website ( for the latest advisory on visa and immigration requirements. Nationals of many countries are permitted to travel to Oman by obtaining a visa at the port of entry. These include citizens of the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. A 30-day single-entry tourist visa obtained upon arrival at Muscat International Airport is available. A recently introduced 10-day visa can now be obtained upon arrival.

Health and Safety

Oman is a generally safe place to be in as crime rate is very low. It is still wise, however, to remain vigilant with regard to crimes of opportunity such as theft. Normal precautions and common sense measures are best taken. Dark places at night should be avoided. Secure your valuables such as money, jewelry, and documents from potential theft. The US State Department warns against potential security threats and attacks for all US citizens traveling in the region. It urges US travelers to maintain a high level of security awareness and to vary schedules and routes.

Special precautions should be taken by people traveling to Oman against diseases such as hepatitis A, tetanus, typhoid, and at times, diphtheria, rabies, and hepatitis B. The sun and the heat can be unforgiving in this desert country. Travelers are advised to keep dehydrated with plenty of water and protect the skin with sunscreen. Water from the tap is generally safe. However, bottled water, easily obtained from stores, is still recommended. Visitors will be glad to know that should medical assistance be needed, Oman’s medical facilities are comparable to those in many Western countries. Hospitals and health centers are available. Visitors are urged to check before traveling if their medical insurance coverage extends to Oman.