Oman Taxis and Car Rental

Private taxis can be hired on the streets or by ordering one by phone. Two reliable companies are Hello Taxi (+968-24-607-011) and City Taxi (+968-24-602-211). Taxis are not metered in Oman so fares need to be negotiated before getting in. To inform the taxi driver that you are hiring the cab as a private taxi, you need to say “engaged taxi.” Otherwise, he will take in more passengers along the way, as a shared taxi does.

Oman has a good network of roads in generally good condition. Motorways connect many of the major towns and cities. A car rental is definitely a good option for those visiting the country. Car rental companies, both local and international, are available in hotels and airports including Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport. When possible, a four-wheel drive is best for driving in Oman. There are many good places for off-road driving in this country.

Oman Ferries

There is over 1,900 miles of coastline in Oman and ferries can be a good option for those visiting some of the major port cities. The ferries are comfortable and the views of the coastline along the way are majestic. The main maritime transport operator is the National Ferries Company ( Its fleet provides transport to both locals and tourist traveling to and from the port cities of Muscat, Khasab, Lima, and Shinas. Ferries by the company can also be hired for exclusive services.

Oman Trains and Buses

There are currently no railway systems in place in Oman. However, there is a rail project set for completion in 2017. This will connect the major destinations within Oman to other places within the Gulf region.

The major cities of Oman are connected via a network of coaches and minibuses. The network is run by the Oman National Transport Company ( It has daily services to and from many provincial towns and cities. The buses are generally reliable and comfortable. Within the cities, shared taxis function as buses. They can be slow but they are the only public transport available.