• Electricity comes as 220V/50Hz, and plugs have either two or three round pins
  • Don’t drink or carry alcohol in Muslim areas as it’s forbidden under Islamic law
  • Wi-Fi and internet cafés are found in cities and towns, but not in remote areas
  • Wear respectable clothing when visiting religious sites or Mea Shearim and keep your shoulders covered. Men should also wear a head covering.
  • Don’t photograph ultra-religious Jews and Christians as it is considered offensive
  • Even though it may get extremely hot in the summer, wear sleeves when hiking to prevent dehydration.

Contact Numbers

Police: 100 Ambulance: 101 Fire: 102 Tel Hashomer Hospital: +972-3-530-3030 Australian Embassy: +972-3-695-0451 Canadian Embassy: +972-3-636-3300 UK Embassy: +972-3-725-1222 USA Embassy: +972-519-7575 Tel Aviv Airport Taxi: +972-866-3073