North Korea Taxis and Car Rental

Getting around North Korea will be pre-arranged by your tour company and is usually by minibus or train. Transportation fees are included in the total cost of your package. Taxi services are not provided and foreign guests are not allowed to rent cars. There are very few cars on the roads in the country as only the elite can afford to own a personal vehicle.

North Korea Trains and Buses

Most trips to North Korea begin in Beijing with either a 24-hour train into the country or a flight on Air Koryo to Pyongyang, which takes just over an hour. It’s also possible to take a train or flight to Pyongyang from Vladivostok in Russia, although this can cause problems as most guest visas need to be picked up from tour agencies located in Beijing. Once in Pyongyang, tourists are allowed a short, one-station, escorted trip through Pyongyang’s Metro system. Koryo Tours is approved to take visitors on a walking tour of some of the capital's central districts.