Sunan International Airport, Pyongyang

The only international aviation gateway in North Korea is Sunan Airport, located 15 miles from the city center and used as a hub for national carrier Air Koryo. Air Koryo and Air China are the only two airlines serving the facility, with Air China offering several flights a week from Beijing. In inclement weather, flights may be cancelled as the facility has no instrument landing system.

Air Koryo flies from Bangkok, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Shanghai, Vladivostok, and several other Russian cities, as well as offering domestic flights to Kaesong, Wonsan, Nampo, and other regional North Korean cities. The small facility can only handle four aircraft at a time. US visitors need to arrive via Beijing, Moscow or Vladivostok, with Beijing usually being the best option since that's where most visas are issued.

The airport has two terminals, a newly-opened, modern international wing and a Soviet-style domestic area. Passenger facilities include parking, a duty-free store, a business center and lounge, taxis for North Korean nationals, a bank, currency exchange, a bar, a restaurant, and souvenir shops. An airport bus connects the facility to the city, but international guests with pre-booked tour packages will be met by their guide and transportation is provided.

Other Airports

The industrial port city of Nampo has a small airport which is connected to Sunan International Airport, providing access to the Kangso Mineral Springs and its spas, as well as Lake Thaesang and the three ancient tombs at Kangso. Kaesong Airport is a gateway to the area’s many attractions and is as close as North Korea gets to a tourism hub. Wonsan may not be accessible to foreign visitors from time to time, but its airport provides easy access to Mount Kumgang, the beachside area of Songdowon, Lake Sijung, ruined Tokwan Abbey, and several Buddhist temples.