Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate which means it has good weather throughout the year. Most people come during the European school holidays in July and August, making this the most expensive time for hotel rates. Average temperatures during this high period are 77°F, but can reach well into the 90's°F. Nights are warm.

Preciptation is low most of the year, aside from the fall, especially in October when the country gets three inches of rain. This is the low season in Mallorca, when travel is cheaper and flights are easier to come by. The rest of the year is dry in comparison. Humidity is uniform year-round at about 75 percent.

While Mallorca has great weather in summer, it is also nice in the spring and fall, and even in the wintertime (December to March), when the average temperature is still in the 50's°F. Many travelers from around Europe visit at this time, especially for Christmas, so flights and hotels remain expensive. Some attractions are seasonal, such as the Aqualand water park, and some hotels, shops and restaurants close in low season.

Best Time to Visit Mallorca

Any time between May and September is good for catching sun in Mallorca. It is warm and clear most of this period, particularly June through August. To avoid the crowds, look to visit in May/June or September/early October. These months are good for the beach with daytime temperatures in the 70's°F, little rain (especially in spring), fewer people sightseeing, and slightly cheaper hotels.