The hub for shopping in Macedonia is the fascinating markets and bazaars located in Skopje, Orhid and every other town in the country. The two major cities have the obligatory malls, more varied in offerings than many other Western countries and with prices to match every shopaholic’s heart and pocket. From fashions and souvenirs to delicious honey and curative, herbal mountain teas, there’s plenty to of things to bring back with you. The best buys in and around Ohrid are the region’s famous pearls, found in necklaces and jewelry in a range of shapes and colors.

The traditional terracotta casserole dishes and jugs are found in all the bazaars, and are useful as decorative items as well as for cooking. The Old Bazaar in Skopje is the country’s largest, offering everything from stone-set filigree silver to traditional, handmade, quilts, rugs and other handicrafts. Exquisitely embroidered textiles are another great buy, and the tiny restaurants, coffee and tea rooms are a blessing for sore feet, offering traditional foods as well as glasses of the local firewater.

Shopping in Ohrid is as much fun at the bazaar as it is in Skopje, although the market itself is far smaller, covering just one street. Woodcarvings and copperware are popular souvenirs, while pearl jewelry is famously made by two local families, Filevi and Talevi, masters of the trade for many decades. St Kliment Street is the heart of the shopping district, with several streets of boutiques, charming cafes and stores selling traditional musical instruments, another unique souvenir of your visit.