Travelers from European Union and EFTA countries may arrive in Greece visa-free, showing only their passport or an EU ID card. Nationals arriving from other world countries are normally required to hold a visa, unless they are from a list of exceptions including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, although they may only stay for 90 days in any 180-day period.

No special immunizations are considered necessary for travel to Greece, although the usual vaccines including tetanus should be up to date for any trip. Generally, Greece is free from threatening diseases, although influenza can cause problems during the winter months.

Health and Safety

Greece is a safe country to visit, with the application of common sense all that’s necessary for avoiding the minor risks here. As with all visitor destinations and even your home country, taking care of valuables is necessary. The Greeks are known for their friendly, helpful natures and won’t hesitate to give advice on request.

Crime and petty theft are rare, although the overheated and crowded party island destinations pose obvious risks in regards to pick pocketing and the occasional outbreak of a bar fight. Strip clubs in central Athens employ locals to entice single males and a polite refusal of any invitation is a great way to save on a huge bill at the end of the evening.

Sun block and sunscreen are essential in the hot summer season, along with drinking loads of water to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. Street food and piped water are generally fit for consumption. Swimmer should watch out for jellyfish near the end of the summer, and spiny sea urchins can be found on rocks, as well as sea walls. Most popular beaches are safe, but if you’re concerned, locals will advise you.

Driving here is generally safe, except care should be taken on winding mountain roads with steep drops to one side. Greeks drive on the right side of the road, although in rural areas, the center is the preferred local position. Drivers should watch out for domestic animals on rural streets, and note that late at night the roads may contain partiers who’ve overdone it on liquid refreshment.