• Learn a few basic Greek words and phrases – you’ll be appreciated for making an effort
  • Electricity is 230V/50H, and uses two-pin plugs in un-earthed sockets
  • Most tavernas and bars, unless seriously upscale, don’t accept credit cards
  • When you arrive by ferry, make sure you’ve pre-booked your taxi, avoiding the inevitable huge line
  • If you don’t want to leave Greece, don’t worry, this feeling is normal!

Contact Numbers

Police: 112/100 Ambulance: 166 Fire: 199 Emergency: 112 Athens General Hospital: +30-210-770-1211 US Embassy: +30-21-07-212-951 Australian Embassy: +30-210-645-0404 Canadian Embassy: +30-210-727-3400 UK Embassy: +30-210-723-6211 Taxis Ergon: +30-210-882-2772