Nicaragua Taxis and Car Rental 

Taxis are available in Managua and other cities, and can be hailed on the street. Drivers will not run on a meter, so the price of your journey should be negotiated first. In Managua it is common for drivers to pick up other passengers headed the same way, and they pay an additional fee to the driver. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your vehicle with others you should let the driver know to not stop beforehand. Or you can use a private taxi company, like Taxi Managua (+11-714-905-6356 or +11-505-8844-6310) who use a select number of trusted drivers, and can arrange pick up, although it’s best to give them notice.

Taxi Managua (+11-714-905-6356 or +11-505-8844-6310) can get you around the whole of Nicaragua in a private car with driver for reasonable rates, or you can rent a car from them for independent travel. Alamo (+11-505-2277-1117) has two rental locations in Managua, and another in San Juan del Sur.

Nicaragua Ferries and Water Taxis

Boat travel is the only way to access the Ometep or ‘Solentiname islands on Lake Nicaragua. The fastest trip is from San Jorge (near Rivas), although a longer route is possible from the northern end of the lake at the town of Granada. The Granada service is very limited, about twice per week, although it is a leisurely cruise and a great way to experience the grandeur of the lake if your trip coincides with the scheduled departure.

To get to the Corn Islands is also possible by boat, leaving from Bluefields, although the entire journey takes all day, and services are limited to three per week.

Nicaragua Trains and Buses

There have been no trains in Nicaragua since 2006. The main form of getting around the country is by buses, which are usually old US yellow school buses (although often repainted in fantastic colors). These services are an economical way of getting around Nicaragua, although they are often crowded since the bus will aim to be at maximum capacity before departing. Mini-buses, known by the locals as ‘microbuses’, are more comfortable, and a quicker way to travel between major destinations. It is difficult to book a ticket ahead, but these buses depart regularly on demand all day and into the night from depots in every major city. In Managua you will find them at the microbus terminal by the Centoamericana University.