Augusto C Sandino International Airport 

The main international airport in mainland Nicaragua is Augusto C Sandino in Managua. There is another international airport due to open in Rivas which will serve the Pacific coast and the town of San Juan del Sur. Airlines serving Managua’s airport include American Airlines, Delta, Taca, and United, with direct routes to US cities of Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Washington-Dulles. From the airport there are domestic flights connecting with the Corn Islands on a route served by La Costena.

Inside the terminal there are various facilities including restaurants, bars, a tourist information desk, banking and postal services, souvenir shops, and duty-free stores. There are taxis available to Managua, or you can go by shuttle (minibus). There are also shuttles transporting arrivals directly to the town of Granada, which is a popular first stop for visitors.

Corn Island International Airport 

This Nicaraguan airport has regular domestic connections to the cities of Managua and Bluefields, served by La Costena, flying twice per day. It also operates as an international airport, with departures to Houston and Miami. As an international airport, it contains customs facilities, although other services in the airport are limited, as it is fairly small. Buses and taxis are available at the airport for onward travel within Big Corn Island. If headed to Little Corn Island you will need to connect with a short boat ride in between.