Kiribati covers a vast area of the Pacific Ocean, and the tropical climate is similar between the islands. The more central atolls like the Gilbert and Phoenix groups are more equatorial with very little change from excessive humidity, while the northern and southern Line Islands vary slightly depending on the season. The average year-round temperature is 82°F, with highs of 90°F August through October.

There are two seasons—wet and dry—with the drier weather coming between May and October and the wet season mainly from December to May, when hotel rates and flights tend to be cheaper. The wettest months are March and April, getting about 14 inches of precipitation in April alone. Trade winds provide some relief from the heat between May and October, which is a good time to visit.

Best Time to Visit Kiribati

Any time between March/May and October is generally nice weather-wise, although the best months are usually late May through mid-July, when it is not too hot and the rain has died down. Sea conditions are best for boating and scuba diving May through October, but if you’re coming for the bird watching on Christmas Island and in the Phoenix group, look to visit in either June or December when the birds nest.