Nigeria Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are plentiful in Nigeria, and in some cities they out number buses. They are an affordable and convenient way of getting around in Nigeria, although they do cost more than buses. Not all taxis will run on a meter, so you should always check before climbing in, and negotiate the fare. In Lagos you can call Red Cab Taxi Service (+11-234-700-073-3222), or Orange Cabs (+11-234-791-7202).

Traveling by rental car in Nigeria is another option, although not recommended for first time visitors to the country. Outside of the cities the infrastructure is not maintained to a good standard, even between major cities; within cities traffic can be fairly hectic and therefore dangerous, as local drivers are known to not follow road rules properly. However if you choose to rent a car there are several providers in Nigeria, such as Avis (+11-234-803-718-7000), Hertz (+11-234-1270-3700), and Novo (+11-234-1270-2047).

Nigeria Water Taxis and Ferries

Lagos is a port city and there are regular routes around the Lagos Lagoon operated by the State Ferry Services Corporation. There are also several private water taxi services, such as CityLink Marina Ltd, which run routes on demand to destinations around the lagoon and up some creeks. There will also be local private boat services offered in other riverine areas of Nigeria connecting close municipalities.

Nigeria Trains and Buses

Nigeria has a train network of a north-south line between Kaduna and Lagos, and Kaduna and Port Harcourt. Kaduna is the closest city to Abuja, since there is no rail service for the city. There is a proposed line to connect Abuja with Kaduna, as well as a high speed service planned between Abuja and Lagos. Services also continue north of Kaduna to Kano and Maiduguri. The services are regular, operated by a state enterprise called the Nigerian Railway Corporation. On all the routes you can expect fairly new passenger coaches, with air-conditioning for first class passengers, and no air-conditioning for economy class. The longest line is between Lagos a Kano, at a distance of 700 miles, and the trip can take at least ten hours, so be prepared for long journey times when traveling by rail in Nigeria.

The bus network in Nigeria is extensive, connecting all major cities with long distance services. Each city has public transport buses as well, which provides an economical way of getting around. However traffic in most cities is horrendous, so you have to allow a lot of time for even short journeys since the buses only travel on main roads and sit in traffic. ABC Transport Services and Greener Line Transport are the major providers of inter-city buses. There is also the option of traveling by a shared taxi in between cities, where the driver will depart once the vehicle is full of people wishing to travel to the same destination. To find these services head to the ‘motor park’. Otherwise you can travel around cities in molues and danfos, which are private minibuses that operate similar to shared taxis, although take more people. You can find these vehicles easily, as they are always painted yellow, although comfort is sacrificed when riding one.