Nigeria is pretty much a country that offers it all, covering any area in West Africa that reaches from just above the equator, north until it reaches the arid environment which turns into the grand Sahara Desert. With such a diversity of natural environments, it is no wonder that any nature lover here will not be disappointed. For example, Nigeria is an excellent safari destination, providing an unforgettable and unique wildlife experience. There are further birding opportunities, or a good way to see these animals is on a tranquil boat tour. Nigeria is also a coastal country, and there are several golden sandy beaches to be enjoyed, with plenty of water sport activities.

What trip to any part of Sub-Saharan Africa would be complete with spot of wildlife seeking on a safari tour? Hemingway’s Safaris runs regular fully-inclusive five-day excursions leaving from Lagos to the northern reserve of Yankari National Park. Here you have guaranteed sighting of Africa’s ‘big five’: lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, and buffalo.

Nigeria is a tropical country with south facing beaches, providing a great place to relax for the day with the soothing sounds of the waves lapping the shores. The warm water is also a great place for water sports and boating. You can contact Optimel for equipment hire at Lagos.

With so much variety in the birdlife that feed off Nigeria’s fertile land, Nigeria is an appealing birding destination. In particular, Gashaka-gumti is a popular bird reserve. If you contact the African Bird Club they can organize a tour, from 3-21 days, taking you to many of Nigeria’s best birding spots. In particular, you can ask them about their ‘best of Nigerian birds’ tour.

In a country with peaks that reach 8,000 feet, mountain climbing is a popular pursuit in Nigeria, especially the country’s tallest peak, Chappal Waddi. You will be met with abundant nature on this exhilarating climb, Trail Dino runs regular excursions with experienced guides, and includes any necessary equipment.

The Azumini River is a tranquil place to experience a boat cruise since it is abundant with wildlife. It is known as the ‘blue river’, and on each bank you will view many nesting birds as you gently float along the water. The Grand Hotel in Asaba arranges regular boat tours, and you can finish the relaxing day with a gourmet meal at the hotel, and also stay there.

The Mambilla Plateau in Nigeria provides a good opportunity to go off-roading in four-wheel drive vehicles. This area in the southeast corner of Taraba state offers amazing scenery as you grind through the red ochre sands that are iconic of Africa. You can contact Calabar Tours about their guided tours of the area, or you can ask them about renting a four-wheel drive for your own independent exploration.

You can walk among apes at Cross River National Park, where you will be taken to visit endemic white-faced monkeys and gorillas on a tour with Venture Travel Online. They have itineraries into the area; one of the most popular is a seven-day tour and trek.