Diori Hamani International Airport

This is the main international gateway for Niger, located in the nation’s capital city, Niamey. It is the busiest airport serving Niger, with annual passenger traffic just short of 100,000 people, although the airport is also shared by the Niger Air Force, who use the runway and ground control facilities, so the complex is quite large. Mainly, the airport serves other north and West African cities; however, there is one current inter-continental route in operation, to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, served by Air France. From US and Canadian destinations you have the option to go via Paris, or connect with Lagos in Nigeria, which has several flights to and from London, and then several onward flights to Niamey.

The airport is on the National Highway 1, which runs north-west to south-east through the country, connecting the capital with other cities. The journey time from the airport to downtown Niamey takes around ten minutes by taxi. There are several taxis available at the airport to take you downtown but they have been known to charge inflated prices for incoming visitors so visitors will need to haggle. There are no public transport options to and from the airport terminal. If you have accommodation booked, you may want to consider asking them if they provide an airport transfer service to the hotel.

Other Airports in Niger

Mano Dayak International Airport is the second busiest and only other airport in the country accepting international flights, although at the moment none of these are intercontinental destinations. Unless arriving in Niger from another African destination, you are most likely to be using this airport via a domestic flight from Niamey. The journey by road to Agadez takes around twelve hours, so if going the distance you may wish to consider flying the one-hour route.

There are three other airports with scheduled commercial flights in Niger: Maradi, Tahoua, and Zinder. Due to the poor infrastructure that affects overland transport in the country, you may wish to fly to places where possible. Flights are regular and scheduled, operated by Arik Air, the only airline to offer the domestic service.