Travelers to Namibia may be surprised by the amount of good shopping available in the country. Windhoek and Swakopmund definitely lead the pack, having both malls and markets. Several arcades and shopping centers in Windhoek sell almost anything a visitor could want. In the southern part of the city, the place to head is the large Maerua Mall on Jan Jonker Road.

Crafts are particularly prevalent in Namibia and visitors can buy rugs, wood carvings and even Herero dolls - small figurines depicting local women in bright and colorful costumes. Jewelry is also a highlight with pieces made in both traditional and modern designs, or a combination of the two. The more expensive items feature Namibian diamonds and precious stones.

The craft market at Post Street Mall in Windhoek sells many upscale items. There is also a Windhoek Street Market every other Saturday. The real bargain-hunters, however, will want to travel an hour outside town to the craft market in Okahanja to get the best items at a fraction of the cost.

The largest arts and crafts store in Namibia is Jenny’s Place, located at 78 Sam Nujoma Drive, Klein Windhoek. They sell everything you can think of including beads, costumes, ribbons, decoupage, brushes, paints, canvases, scrapbooking supplies, brushes, and more.

In Swakopmund, the craft market can be found close to the lighthouse, with goofs that visitors are hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Leder Chic, a store along Hendrik Witbooi Street in Swakopmund, specializes in leather goods, specifically ostrich, buffalo and kudu hides.