Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, spoken by over 50 percent of its nationals mostly living in the cities. Just under 40 percent of rural dwellers understand Portuguese as a second language, with a large number of tribal tongues and dialects spoken across the country’s four main regions. In the capital and tourist areas, many people understand English to a greater or lesser degree.


The official currency of Mozambique is the new metical, shown as MZN, although many South African stores and resorts quote prices in rand (ZAR). US dollars, British pounds and the euro are easily convertible at banks and currency exchange outlets, although Australian and Canadian dollars cannot be exchanged or used as payment. Commercial exchange facilities offer the best rates, and currency is not negotiable outside the country. ATMs accepting most credit cards are available in a majority of locations, although limits are applied to each withdrawal. Credit cards are used in the cities, but cash is king in the rural and remote destinations.


Mozambique is two hours ahead of Greenwich Time Zone (GMT +2).


Electricity in Mozambique comes at 200 V/50 Hz, meaning that visitors from the US and Canada whose laptops and other electronic devices are not dual voltage will need a step-down transformer. Electrical sockets accept oval plugs with two round pins, and an adapter is necessary for UK visitors.


The dialing code for Mozambique is +258, followed by a one- or two-digit area code and the phone number. Cell phone usage is below the average of most African countries so coverage outside the main cities may be patchy. NCel and Vodacom are the two network providers, both on the GSM network. Local SIM cards can be purchased and used in unlocked cell phones.


Duty-free allowances in Mozambique include one liter of spirits, 2.5 liters (three bottles) of wine and 400 cigarettes. When heading back to the US, passengers may purchase or carry 200 cigarettes, one liter of alcohol and gifts up to a value of US $400 tax free.

Tourist Office

Empresa Nacional de Turismo: +258-1-420-324 or

Embassies and Consulates in Mozambique

US Embassy, Maputo: +258-1-492-797
Australian Consulate, Maputo: +258-1-322-780
Canadian Embassy, Maputo: +258-1-492-623-902-422-1485
British High Commission, Maputo: +258-1-320-111


Police: 119
Ambulance: 117
Fire: 198