Malawi’s climate is mostly tropical with two seasons, dry between May and October and rainy from November to April. Variations in the prevailing weather depends on your geographic location and altitude, with the region around Lake Malawi, the Shire River Valley and Lilongwe experiencing average temperatures around 85°F and high humidity from September to April. During this period, the remainder of the country is warm, with highs around 77°F. From June through August, the south and the Lake Malawi region are cooler, with average highs around 73°F, while the rest of Malawi experiencing its coldest nights around 55°F.

At altitude, regions such as Nyika and Mulanje see lows of 42°F during June and July, and Karonga in the north has the least temperature variation, staying a comfortable 78°F most of the year. Unlike the rest of Malawi, Karonga gets most of its rainfall during April and May due to the strong southerly winds along the lakeshore. During the rainy season, equatorial cloudbursts and violent thunderstorms are the norm, at their worst in March and gradually diminishing in force during April. The dry season has almost no precipitation although, from May to September, damp mists form in the highlands and descend onto the plateaus.

Best Time to Visit Malawi

For travelers, the best time to visit Malwai depends on what you want to see and do. Climate across the country as with the rest of the world is becoming less predictable every year, with wider variations and out-of-season weather events. In general, the best time to come weather-wise is the beginning of dry season when landscapes are still green and steamy temperatures have begun to cool. June, July and August see warm, clear days and cooler nights, and are the peak times for safari visits as game sightings are increased.

If Lake Malawi is your main destination, the low-lying landscape surrounding the lake gets much hotter in September and October, while November weather is unpredictable in regards to heavy rain. The weather is spectacular during the last month of the wet season, with magnificent storms causing the land to glow with new growth and lush, colorful vegetation. If you're looking to save some money, the height of the rainy season is the cheapest for flights and accommodations.