Liberia Taxis and Car Rental

Bush taxis and minibus taxis are the main forms of ground transportation in Liberia, with both linking towns and cites with Monrovia and minibus taxis also providing travel within the capital. Both types are inexpensive, although it’s far safer to take a cab on your own and pay full fare than to try to split the cost with other occupants. Motorcycle taxis can also be found, but should be avoided as they’re very dangerous.

Car rental is available, but if you go this route, it’s recommended to hire a driver familiar with the roads and driving conditions rather than attempt it yourself. Within the capital, local streets are metalled, but outside the urban area most are unpaved with the exception of the link to Roberts International Airport and the route to Buchanan and several border areas. During the rainy season, many of these become impassable. UN and government vehicle convoys travel fast and have priority, and general driving standards are low.

Liberia Water Taxis

River transport and coastal journeys are provided mainly by local fishing boats, often overcrowded and generally unsafe. The Atlantic Ocean is unpredictable, with strong waves and currents regularly resulting in capsizing and loss of life. Charter boats that run from Monrovia occasionally have room for passengers, and are a safer bet.

Liberia Trains and Buses

Liberia’s trains were destroyed in the 14-year civil war, with only one line reopened to date, joining the iron ore mine at Bong with Monrovia, Careysburg and several other smaller towns. Bush taxis and minibus taxis serve as buses here, and link the capital with most other cities and towns.