Monrovia is the hub for dining out and entertainment in Liberia with a surprising number of worthwhile restaurants, bras and nightclubs located in upscale hotels and around the city center. International menus tend to be expensive, but Liberian and Lebanese cuisine is tasty and affordable. Local cook shops serve indigenous cuisine, relying heavily on rice and spicy sauces, with Chinese, Moroccan, Indian, American and ubiquitous seafood recipes found throughout the capital. Clubs and bars popular with expats and visitors are within major hotels and along the streets of downtown.

Bars and Pubbing in Liberia

The classiest and safest bars and clubs are located around the US Embassy and in Monrovia’s diplomatic enclave of Sinkor in the downtown district. Wednesdays and weekends are happening times, with not much going on the rest of the week. Exodus (city center, Monrovia) is a good place to start and is a local hangout with a well-sized bar serving cheap drinks in a vibrant atmosphere.

The hottest club in Liberia is Déjà Vu (Sinkor, Monrovia), crammed with see-and-be-seen locals dancing the night away. Best after 2:00 a.m., it shows a cross-section of Monrovia’s young, hip set. The upscale resorts in and near Monrovia offer sophisticated delights including a casino, and are perfect for visitors feeling slightly nervous about roaming the streets alone at night, with the Mamba Point Hotel (Sinkor, Monrovia) offering gambling and two attractive bars.

The Palm Springs Casino (Palm Springs Resort, Tubman Blvd, Monrovia) provides a terrace watering hole overlooking the ocean as well as a chance to lose your savings. The resort itself is one of the most luxurious in the city and a sight to be seen. A complete contrast is Tides Tapas Bar (UN Drive, Waterside, Monrovia), found near Waterside Market and, vitually in the heart of Africa, serving the ever-popular tapas with local cocktails, wine and spirits.

Dining and Cuisine in Liberia

Eating out in Monrovia offers plenty of options, from upscale restaurants in the better hotels to no-frills favorites known for their food and pretty venues overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. La Pointe (UN Dr Mamba Point, Monrovia) is a popular choice in the latter category for its dramatic setting on the tip of a promontory offering a daily lunch buffet and a Lebanese/international a la carte menu. For an introduction to delicious Liberian food, Aunty Nana (city center, Monrovia) is an upscale chop house serving traditional dishes and inexpensive local beers.

For an earthier experience involving Liberian cuisine, Mama Sheriff (city center, Monrovia) is the place to go. Favorites here include groundnut soup and cassava leaf stews, served in three portion sizes from small to gargantuan. The Heartbreak Restaurant (Sinkor Royal Hotel, Monrovia) is well-know in the expat and UN community for its comprehensive Lebanese, seafood, burger, and pasta menu along with its Sunday buffet lunch and live music on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Lebanese-based and famed for its affordable and delicious chicken shawarma, falafel, hummus, and generous mixed grills, Diana Restaurant (city center, Monrovia) is also an expat favorite. At the other end of the scale, fine Italian dining is available at Bramante (Milano Hotel city center, Monrovia). Parma ham, shrimp tagliatelle and other delicious pastas plus a good choice of classic meat dishes are topped off by tiramisu and chocolate mousse desserts and fine Italian wines.