Lesotho’s varied climate is determined by altitude, and the country is generally much cooler than other African nations located at the same latitude in the Southern Hemisphere. Summer runs from October to April, with January and February the hottest months of the year reaching temperatures around 86-90°F. Most days are sunny, with the afternoons vulnerable to thunderstorms, although most of the country’s rain falls between March and May. Temperatures cool in tandem the higher in altitude you go, with the high peaks seeing around 64°F in the summer.

Snowfall can occur in the mountains any time of the year and, during the winter season, May through September, the plains are also often affected. Lesotho’s winters can be bitter, especially at altitude, but days are sunny and clear, providing the perfect weather for skiing. Winter temperatures in the lowlands sink to 20°F, with exceptional lows of 0°F occasionally in the highlands. The winter climate sees a rapid change from sunshine to freezing temperatures, mists, snow, and rain.

The winter months of June, July and August are the driest, with December through early March averaging the highest rainfall. By October, the rains are gearing up again, with November through March getting an average four inches a month when the land is lush and green. Rising temperatures peak in December and January.

Best Time to Visit Lesotho

Although midsummer in Lesotho is very hot, the relatively low humidity makes the lowland climate around the capital comfortable for visitors. To make the most of the country’s outdoor adventure activities, October and November or March through April are the best time to come, as the rains are at their lowest and daytime temperatures are cool but not freezing. Spring is at its loveliest in August, with the valleys colored by almond and peach blossoms and the mountains blooming with alpine flowers. At any time of year, if you’re heading to the high peaks, it’s best to check the weather report with a knowledgeable local before you head out and dress in layers.