Lesotho Taxis and Car Rental

Although a few privately-owned taxi companies operate in the Lesotho capital, it’s just as easy to take a shared minibus. The same applies to travel around the country as no-frills, full-size buses do run, but they’re much slower and no more comfortable than the ubiquitous minibuses. Both types of transportation wait until they’re full, with "full" meaning crammed to the gills with people, packages and anything else that needs to be moved. For a private cab, try Moonlight Telephone Taxis (+ 266-22-320-005).

Car rental can be arranged at the airport and in the capital, with many visitors taking advantage of the freedom of self-drive. However, drivers should note that, off the main drag, the condition of the mountain roads deteriorate dramatically in direct relation to the number of four-footed livestock and wandering pedestrians you’ll encounter. Local driving habits are undisciplined at best, so staying alert and driving slowly is the only defense. A four-wheeler the best car to rent, especially in winter, and visitors from the US should note that Lesotho drives on the left.

Lesotho Trains and Buses

There is no train service in Lesotho, and the full-sized buses operated by Lesotho Freight and Bus Services are uncomfortable, slow and overcrowded, but extremely cheap. The only public transportation option for travel between towns are the minibus taxis, again overcrowded, very cheap, but often less than well-maintained. Although self-driving has its own problems, it’s often the most practical way to get around.