Unknown by many travelers, Guinea is home to a variety of things to do. Its vast natural expanses provide countless isolated trekking circuits and great geological wonders that offer unmatched eco-tourism potential. Its towns are rich in cultural treasures, carefully preserved through time. The Fouta Djalon Plateau region offers some of the most incredible nature areas in the world. There are also many beautiful rainforests south of the country, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Nimba. On its coastal strip are sublime tropical beaches, undisturbed by crowds of tourists.

Aside from its stunning natural attractions, Guinea's main cities also have their fair share of cultural and historical gems, including age-old cathedrals and mosques. Katikan, a small town a few miles outside of Conakry, features colorful open-air markets and is a great day trip destination. Meanwhile, Kindia is best known for its musical traditions and cloth market.

Those who love the outdoors will get hooked on the beauty and splendor of Guinea’s landscapes. The country has a huge eco-tourism potential, thanks to its superb rainforests, mountain areas and towering waterfalls. Fouta Trekking Adventure offers all kinds of eco-tour activities around Fouta Djalon, and is a must-see for those who wish to experience good hiking, trekking and village excursions. The group can take you on safaris and walking tours to discover the rich wildlife and experience the local culture. You may also choose to explore new routes with expert guides to literally take the path less traveled.

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