Throughout Guinea, there are decent dining options in the capital city of Conakry and popular areas like Faranah. African dishes are served in many restaurants, along with local specialties and international fare. A typical plate consists of Guinean style rice, beef or fish and one of four main sauces. Pork is only available in areas where Islam is not practiced. European as well as Lebanese restaurants dot most towns. Nightlife is especially vibrant in Conakry and Faranah, where you can find many cinemas, theaters and nightclubs. If you want a more authentic feel of the local traditions, take note of schedules of cultural presentations, Kindia singing and street dancing, which are common even in the cities.

Bars and Pubbing in Guinea

The local bar and pub scene will not disappoint, as Conakry offers great nightspots for live entertainment, feel-good music and all-night drinking and dancing. La Paillotte (Corniche Nord Camayenne, Conakry) is a popular choice, featuring performances from a great mix of Guineas’ old stars and new artists. The famous Hotel Riviera Royal has a flashy nightclub called Atlantis (Corniche Nord Tumbo, Conakry) which is frequented by expats and locals alike.

Le Climax (Route de Donka Kipé) is one of the longest-operating venues in the area, popular with both old and young crowds. You can enjoy cool local music at Wakili Guinée (Route de Donka Ratoma, Conakry) which is a relatively new club off Route de Donka Ratoma.

Nightlife in Conakry is not limited to drinking, you can also head to the movies. Cinéma Rogbané shows both African and Western films. However, if it is unique entertainment you are looking for, try Circus Baobab, a touring circus based in downtown Conakry (Rue KA 040 La Ville) to see performances or watch them rehearse fascinating acts. They share their practice space with another renowned group, the Fatou Abaou drum and dance troupe.

Dining and Cuisine in Guinea

Everything from African to Asian, French, and Middle Eastern cuisine can be found in Conakry. Restaurants in the city are typically near the coast. One example is La Plage Rogbané (Taouyah, Conakry), which is tucked in an unmarked alley along the beach. It is a great place to enjoy seafood and boasts a bar from which you can see the beautiful sunset. Belvédére (Route de Donka Bellevue, Conakry) is also a worthwhile place to try, known for its sandwiches, pizzas and steaks. This open-air restaurant is kid-friendly and provides live music on weekends.

Le Waffou (Route de Donka Kipé, Conakry) is the go to spot for good Ivorian food. The tables are under roofed huts and feature regular performances by the Ammoussou drum and dance troupe every Friday night. For the best French cuisine in Guinea, Patisserie le Damier (Route du Niger La Ville, Conakry) is a lovely restaurant with a classic Parisian vibe. They sell handmade chocolates, which are quite expensive, but worth every penny.

Though it may not look like much from outside, Le Gentilhommiére (Rue KA 040 La Ville) is actually a nice restaurant serving a wide selection of classic African dishes. You will also find plenty of rice bars in the city, such as Chez Sylvie (Camayenne, Conakry), which offers yummy attiéké or cassava couscous. La Gondole (Ave de la Republique La Ville, Conakry) is also a must-try for its 20 ice cream flavors.