Gambia has a tropical climate that becomes hot and rainy June through November and dry and cool from November until May. During the dry season, the average daytime temperature is 75°F in coastal areas and 91°F inland. The countryside often experiences harmattan (dry, windy weather). Protection from the sun and cool, breathable clothing are highly recommended during this time. In Gambia’s rainy season, it gets extremely hot, averaging 104˚F. Travelers are advised to wear lightweight clothing throughout the year, with some type of rain protection when traveling during the rainy season.

Best Time to Visit Gambia

Dry season is the best time to visit Gambia because of the pleasant temperatures, but those who wish to enjoy more natural surroundings may prefer to come during the wet season because vegetation flourishs. Dry season is also the best time to go bird watching and wildlife spotting or explore the outdoors in general. Wet season often renders some roads inaccessible especially in rural areas, making travel difficult. Hotel rates are lower during the wet season and increase during the dry season when more tourists arrive.