Gambia Taxis and Car Rental

Two types of taxis are available in Gambia: the regular ones (yellow) and the tourist taxis (green), which are more expensive. Neither are metered. Yellow taxis can save you money, as the fare is based on the number of passengers, but these are mainly used by the locals and are prohibited in many tourist areas.

Bush taxis are called gelli-gellis. They are similar to vans and minibuses and serve as public transportation to get between villages and towns. They have their own stations where they wait for passengers and leave only when they’re full. Bush taxis follow a fixed route, but they can drop off anywhere. Take note though, they are off-limits in some areas such as Cape Point and the busy coastal areas.

Car rentals are also widely available from reputable international and local providers, especially in greater Banjul and the resort areas. Most people rent a car with a driver on a daily basis, especially if they are traveling longer distances. Driving yourself can be challenging because of varied road conditions and smaller streets are closed during the rainy season from June to October. If you really wish to drive yourself, be sure to get a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Gambia Water Taxis

There are passenger and vehicle ferries running between the commercial port of Banjul and Barra at least once an hour until late. Fishing and adventure trips via converted pirogues and small motor boats may also be arranged by tour operators. Some offer day cruises with dinner or lunch aboard while a live band plays.

Gambia Trains and Buses

There are no passenger train services in Gambia. National bus routes are available to connect major towns and cities, but departure times are irregular and the travel times are long. Bush taxis (or shared vans, minibuses and cars) are the best choice for getting around.