Ethiopia Taxis and Car Rental

Main towns in Ethiopia are well served by taxis and minibus-cabs for private or shared rides and great for traveling short distances. However, none of the vehicles are metered and they don’t follow any fixed price system so be sure to negotiate before departing to avoid an unpleasant surprise when you reach your destination. If you want a more luxurious car, call National Tour Operation Taxis (+251-11-515-92-74 or +251-11-512-923). Their cabs are often stationed at the airport and outside of major hotels awaiting tourists. Airport taxis may be prebooked by calling +251-180-455 and other providers serve Addis Ababa include Abyssinian (+251-615-740) and Hess (+251-515-820).

Decent road conditions make driving in Ethiopia easy and pleasant. You can rent four-wheel vehicles with drivers from most tour companies, which can be quite expensive, but is the best choice to ensure a comfortable holiday. Reputable companies include Galaxy Express Services (251-11-515-22-00) and Dinkinesh Tour (+251-11-156-78-37).

Ethiopia Trains and Buses

Buses in Ethiopia operate on a first come, first serve basis. Short-distance buses leave whenever they're filled (typically one per hour), while long-distance buses leave at dawn. Taking the bus is a cheap way to travel, but you might want to think twice about using them as your main form of transportation as they tend to be old and break down a lot. Train services ceased many years ago, which is why flying remains the best way to get between cities and neighboring countries.