From unbelievable geological formations to endemic wildlife, vibrant ancient towns and incredible rock-hewn churches, Ethiopia is a true mix of nature, culture and history— the key facets that make up a great trip. Encounter some of the largest and most heavily populated nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries, or relish the far reaching green oases like Semien Mountains National Park. More active pursuits await at the country’s vast lakes and rivers, from scenic Lake Langano and the island-dotted Lake Tana to the wild waters of the Omo River.

As diverse as its geographical orientation is, the collection of cultural and historical attractions throughout the country is equally impressive. Every corner of the landlocked region boasts spectacular archaeological sites, castles and ancient towns where cultures and traditions are most alive. Lalibela is one of the most sacred cities in Ethiopia next to Aksum, and is a popular site for pilgrimages to the beautifully preserved churches hewn and sculpted right onto colossal rocks. No visit to the country is complete without a side trip to Gondar and its 17th century Fasil Ghebbi Palace.

Combining these tour options in your itinerary is the best way to experience Ethiopia. Agencies make things easier by offering comprehensive packages that let you get a taste of the best the country has to offer. Dinknesh Ethiopa Tour offers all kinds of adventurous activities. Their overland options are not for the faint-hearted and often include challenging treks to the most remote terrain in the regions. The Dalol Depression (one of the hottest and deepest places on earth) is a must-see for adrenaline junkies. Outdoor pursuits like mountain climbing, paragliding and bird watching are also worth a try. Pilgrimage trips to the best historic and cultural sites in the country are a great ways to get a deeper understanding of Ethiopian heritage.

Pharez Ethiopia Tour specializes in tailor-made tours for individuals and groups. They sweep the entire country for the best destinations for ethnological tours, wildlife safaris, hiking, and photo safaris. Be sure to explore historic routes like the Axum (where the earliest civilization can be traced), along with the spectacular rock-hewn churches of Lalibella and the historic landmarks that dot Addis Ababa, the capital.

2020 Ethiopian Tours offers multi-day tours with excursions and scenic drives around the beautiful Semien Mountains National Park, as well as trips to popular historical destinations and antique churches, cultural immersions in tribal villages, and many other exciting outings around the country.

Ethio National Tour and Travel offers all kinds of interesting treks and wildlife safaris, city tours, and historic and cultural excursions, the specializes in water-based adventures, boat trips around the vast Lake Tana, and swimming and bathing in the therapeutic hot springs of Wondo Genet.

Semien Lodge is the outfitter to contact for mountain biking through the highest trails in Ethiopia. For whitewater rafting and challenging treks, Daketta Ethiopia Tours can help you create an adrenaline-filled itinerary.

Various tour groups also offer special festival tours, which allow you to take part in colorful celebrations enjoyed by the locals. Some religious events span over several days or weeks, like the Timket Festival and Meskal. Ethiopia is also a nice place to spend the Christmas season, with many exciting festivities taking place all over the country. African Adventure Tours and Footprints Ethiopia Tours specialize in these kinds of cultural excursions.