Located in western sub-Saharan Africa, the Ivory Coast has a slightly cooler climate than neighboring countries, especially with its coastal border. Cities near the water often experience a tropical climate year round, but areas in the far north are semi-arid. The country has three distinct seasons. The warm and dry season spans from November until March. The hot and dry season starts in March and ends in May, while the hot and wet season lasts from June to October. Torrential flooding often accompanies heavy rains, which is why it is best to avoid this period when planning a visit to the West African nation.

Best Time to Visit Ivory Coast

November through March is the best time to visit the Ivory Coast when temperatures are bearable thanks to the warm and dry season. The parks are also abloom during this time of the year and wildlife is abundant. The Festival of Masks, which is the most popular event in the country, is held in November.