Shopping for souvenirs is best done in the local markets (marches), which are ever present in towns even outside Yamoussoukro and Abidjan. Central markets sell all kinds of handicrafts made in the Ivory Coast which are famous around the world for their unique quality and design. Some popular buys include kente cloth, wax prints, weaves, indigo fabric, skillfully designed wooden statuettes and carvings, pottery, basketware, and bead necklaces.

Shops and markets are usually open all day with a two-hour break for lunch. You might want to brush up on your haggling skills as it is necessary to do some hard bargaining to pull down prices, especially when shopping for unique Ivorian crafts.

In the town of Korhogo, local artisans are skilled in producing toiles. These are hand-painted textiles that can be used as wall hangings or decorative items. In addition to traditional markets, the Ivory Coast has its share of western-style shopping malls. One that is notable is Hypermarché Sococé, which can be found in the Les Duex Plateaux area in Abidjan.