It is about that time of year where the winter frost is just around the corner and winter getaways to warmer weather starts to dance through our minds. We sit in our offices dreaming of breaking free and living a tree-top lifestyle like Tarzan and Jane. Satisfy your jungle fever by setting sail to Khao Sok National Park, deep in the heart of southern Thailand for a beautiful adventure. Get lost in the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, limestone cliffs, and waterfalls, while taking in the scenery from your very own tree house hotel.

Photo Credit: Elizabethdeklerk

Jungle Trekking

Khao sok is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Because of Khao Sok's equatorial position on Earth, it has been unaffected by the ice age and thus receives the highest level of rainfall in Thailand, which makes the adventure all the more exotic. Experience the enchantment of a guided tour on foot; a variety of routes are offered for all ability levels and ages. You can also spend the day getting up close and personal with pachyderms, giving a local elephant a mud bath and supporting their well-being as you care for them like your own.

Photo Credit: Exilism

Canoeing, tubing and bamboo rafting

If you are looking for a tranquil canoe ride, Sok River is your best bet. The river has a slow moving current allowing you to enjoy the jagged rock walls and wildlife. Let the guide do the brunt of the work while pointing out animals for you to marvel at. On the river are herons, snakes, frogs, lizards, kingfishers and birds, plus the locals doing laundry and fishing along the river. If you are interested in paddling your own canoe, Cheow Larn Lake in Khao Sok is the perfect spot to do so. Known for its stunning turquoise waters, caves and floating huts, opt to stay overnight if you wish.

Photo Credit: Rymony David

Sleep in a Tree House

If staying in a floating hut does not strike your fancy, consider a treetop hut in the forest. Looking for a romantic getaway? Honeymoon tree houses are available for the utmost in privacy. Wake up to the call of the Gibbon Monkeys and sound of the rainforest for a truly unbridled experience. Various day and night tours are also available if a night in the jungle life doesn't tickle your fancy.

Taking a vacation is all about unwinding and relieving yourself from everyday stress and distraction. Whatever you choose to do while at Khao Sok, it is almost impossible to not enjoy yourself in paradise miles away from the stress of the real world.