Europe is home to many classic climbs. The Alps are some of the most climbed peaks in the world thanks to the many European adventurers in places such as Germany and Switzerland. Other ranges see a good bit of action as well. Mount Elbrus on the Russia/Georgia border is in the Caucacus Range. Refugios tend to be more expensive than elsewhere, but access to wine and fine living is far easier.

  1. Mt. Elbrus, Russia/Georgia

    In the Caucacus range of Russia and Georgia the 18,510 foot peak is surrounded by glaciated peaks and alpine valleys.

  2. Matterhorn, Switzerland

    The 14,691 foot Matterhorn is one of the most recognizable mountains on the face of the earth. This rock pyramid is the archetypical Swiss mountain.

  3. Mont Blanc, France

    Mont Blanc, standing 15,770 feet is the highest peak in the Alps and one of Europe’s most desired climbs.

  4. Jungfrau, Switzerland

    Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland is perhaps Europe’s adventure capital. You can take a train as high as 11,483 feet, leaving just another 2,297 feet to reach the summit.

  5. Monte Rosa, Italy

    The second highest massif in the Alps, Monte Rosa, is mostly traversed from Italian territory. The highest peak, Dufourspitze, is much more exposed and demanding than even Mont Blanc.

  6. Gran Paradiso, Italy

    Italy’s Dolomites are home to this fantastic 13,324 foot peak, the highest glacier climb in Italy. It’s non-technical, but a good introduction to the sport.

  7. Belukha, Russia

    Siberia’s 14,830 foot Belukha, an almost virgin peak, is the highest point in the Altai range and the highest point in Siberia.

  8. Gunnbjornsfjeld, Greenland

    The world’s largest island is one of the most unexplored places on earth and 12,113 foot Mount Gunnbjornsfjeld represents just that. It is rarely climbed and the snow and ice cover makes it feel like a much higher ascent.

  9. Galdhopiggen, Norway

    Galdhopiggen in Norway’s Jotunheimen region is the highest point in Scandinavia. It’s just four hours each way. An easy climb and not at all technical.

  10. Mulhacén, Spain

    You can see all the way to Africa from the highest point in the continental Spain in Sierra Nevada National Park.