Recommended Mountaineering Books

Alpinist (
More of a literary journal than a magazine, this well respected publication is laced with excellent photos, trip reports, and chronicles by the world’s foremost journalist, explorers, and photographers.
Ghosts of Everest: The Search for Mallory and Irvine by Eric Simonson
Chronicle of the 1999 search for the bodies of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on Mount Everest.
Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue: Reading Glaciers, Team Travel, Crevasse Rescue Techniques, Routefinding, Expedition Skills 2nd Edition by Andrew Selters
Guide for the beginning mountaineer wanting to learn about the sport or the expert looking to brush up on his/her knowledge and skills.
Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
Classic book describing a catastrophic ascent of Mount Everest by one of the world’s top adventure writers.
The National Outdoor Leadership School’s Wilderness Mountaineering Guide by Phil Powers.
Everything you need to know guide about mountaineering from leaving no footprints, surviving on your own, what to do in emergencies, what to wear, and how to navigate. An all-in-one survival guide.
Seven Summits by Dick Bass, Frank Wells, Rick Ridgeway
Account of two men who know little about climbing that attempt to be the first to climb the seven summits.

Useful Websites


Mountain Zone (
All around mountain sporting site with great details and topographical maps on specific peaks around the world.
Peakware (
This highly visual resource is an encyclopedia of the world’s mountains. A good place to start when planning a mountaineering trip if you have general regions in mind, but not exact peaks.
Rock & Ice Magazine (
Online home of a popular climbing magazine. Gear reviews, trip reports, features, forums, news, jobs, and much more.


Nepal Visitors (
Nepali tourism website with basic background information including a trekking section outlining where to trek, how to get permits, trip grading, visa information, and timetables


Hiking Switzerland (
Geared toward hiking and nature lovers of the Swiss Alps with regional information, hiking hotels, and links to clubs in several languages.

North America

American Alpine Club (
Club for American climbers around the world. Membership fee.
National Park Service (
Homepage of the US national park service with video features, trip planning, park stats, and news.
Peakfinder (
Great source of background information on mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies.