When the Spanish first arrived to Latin America, the natives were deathly afraid of their horses which partly lead to their conquest. Since those days horses have come to be a part of the cultural landscape. Entire regions are reminiscent of the Wild West, but when it was still wild. The deepest canyons in the world, dramatic coastal cliffs, unexplored forests and mountain ranges, and lively indigenous villages are just part of what to expect.

  1. Sacred Valley, Peru

    The Scared Valley surrounding Cusco is on the most legendary riding environments anywhere in the world. When you’re not hitting the trail to the Inca city of Machu Picchu, you’ll visit vibrant Indigenous markets, gallop through vast rolling farmland surrounded by snow covered Andean peaks, and search for little known ruins and stone terraces.

  2. Uruguay

    Sip maté with gauchos and munch of thick slabs of beef in this small South American nation. Cattle drives and estancias are common throughout the country. End your trip with a ride on the coast at the posh resort of Punta del Este.

  3. Tupiza, Bolivia

    Bolivia’s canyon country looks more like the American southwest. Follow the trail of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, whose graves are thought to be here.

  4. San Agustin, Colombia

    The only way to get to see the majority of the mysterious Pre-Colombian statues surrounding the lush, green hill town of San Agustin is by horse.

  5. Mendoza, Argentina

    When not exploring the epicenter of South American wine you’ll be galloping through some of the highest mountains in the Andes on the trails that the continent’s liberators took to defeat the Spanish. Twenty thousand foot snow capped mountains, herds of guanacos, and occasional glimpses of Andean Condors are just a part of the scenery.

  6. Pantanal, Brazil

    Riding in Brazil’s Pantanal, a vast area of wilderness home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world, is done safari style. You’ll ride out from eco lodges and resorts deep within the region and make stops for cowboy style barbecues and to spot rare birds and mammals.

  7. Salta, Argentina

    The mountains and valleys of Argentina’s rugged northwest are more reminiscent of the arid deserts of Peru or Chile than the lush grasslands of Patagonia. The region is surrounded by thousands of miles of trails which can be crossed with the help or llamas and alpacas.

  8. Coastal Peru

    Ride Peruvian Pasofino horses around Pre-Columbian ruins and vineyards in the dry deserts of the Peruvian coast. Dramatic coastal cliffs of Paracas and the famous Nasca Lines in the south are rivaled by the Caribbean like beaches and fishing villages of the North.

  9. Highlands, Guatemala

    The Mayan heartland is the objective of most riding in Guatemala. Isolated indigenous villages, volcanic crater lakes, lush tropical forests, and rugged rocky hills make for some of the bets riding in Central America.

  10. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

    This ride takes you to the very end of the American continent, to a landscape that’s wild, rugged, exotic, and beautiful in every way. You’ll stay in posh eco resorts frequented by celebrities and jet setters while exploring the varied terrain that ranges from the shores of mountain lakes, glaciers, and meadows.